Why Mersin

  • The zone is a center for foreign investors with proximity to major international markets (Middle-East, North African countries, East and West Europe, Russian Federation and the Turkic Republics).
  • The zone is established adjacent to Mersin Port, which is one of the most important ports of Mediterranean and it is the only one between The Turkish free zones with its own port.
  • The zone is on a public-owned territory and the modern infrastructure was constructed by the government. All services within the zone are provided and executed by MESBAŞ Mersin Free Zone Founder and Operator Inc.
  • The zone permits the production of all kinds of light industries (electronics, optics, machinery, spare parts, textiles, ready-made clothes, etc.) as well as all kinds of wholesale (purchase – sale) trades, packing, repacking, assembling, warehousing, repair and maintenance.
  • Also, the passage of goods from abroad to the zone or in-zone produced goods are allowed to be sent to the domestic markets without restrictions .
  • All industrial and agricultural raw materials, semi-manufactured or full manufactured goods in Turkey, can be sent to the zone at attractive export prices
  • All personnel requirements for production companies, in service and the management fields can be acquired from Mersin Province. Investors will find a highly qualified workforce at relatively low cost in comparison to other countries.
  • The advantage of being the first free zone of Turkey gives Mersin Free Zone the highest know-how in comparison to other free zones.