Western Black Sea Development Agency MESBAŞ visit


The Western Black Sea Delegation, consisting of the representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry operating in the Western Black Sea Region, together with the Secretary General of the Western Black Sea Development Agency (BAKKA), Dr. Lutfi Altunsu, visited our Company. The delegation included Zonguldak CCI President Metin Demir, Alaplı CCI President Recep Ocak, Karedeniz Ereğli CCI President Arslan Keleş, Devrek CCI President Haldun Hacıkulaoğlu, Çaycuma CCI President Zekai Kamitoğlu, Bartın CCI President Halil Balık, Chamber Secretary Generals and Technopark managers.

MESBAŞ General Manager Edvar MUM gave a detailed briefing on the structure of the Mersin Free Zone, the way it is operated, the incentives and advantages provided in accordance with the relevant legislation, the services provided, and our coordinated work with official institutions. (08.10.2021)