Incentives & Benefits

  • Those who execute their activity by a production licence as well as the ones dealing with meintenance , repair, assembling, dissassembling, handling, decomposition, packing, labeling testing, warehousing; and if they serve the companies not resident in Turkey and the goods on condition that no entry from free zones to Turkey and despatch of those goods to a foreign country ; their income from those activities will be exempted from income tax and corporate taxes that would be arising from their selling incomes, until the end of thefiscal year when Turkey becomes an EU member. But these companies have to pay to special account.
  • All others companies have to pay income and corporate taxes. They don't have to make payment to Special Account,
  • If production companies export at least 85% of the FOB value of the goods they produce to abroad , the salaries they pay to the crew will be exempted from income tax.  
  • Profits and incomes from the free zone can be transferred freely to any country including Turkey.
  • Accured divident to their shareholders can be managed after the stoppage amount determined by the Ministery of Finance is deducted.
  • Modern infrastructures, communication and transportation are available in the free zone.
  • The zone is established adjacent to Mersin International Port which is one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean and has its own piers within the port.
  • Companies operating in the zone may be 100% Foreign Companies, Joint Venture or 100% Turkish Companies.
  • After obtaining permission from The General Directorate of Free Zones investor users may transfer their rights to another user.
  • The zone has significant importance as a geographical location with proximity to major International  markets such as Middle-East, North African Countries, East and West Europe, Russia and the Turkic Republics makes it a center for foreign invetors.
  • Open areas with already built infrastructures can be rented at low prices.
  • All personnel requirements for companies in production, service and the management fields can be sourced in the City of Mersin,
  • Operatin Licence periods:  

                    -Investor Companies : 45 years for manufacturers, 30 years for others,

                    -Tenant companies: 20 years for manufacturers, 15 years for others.

  • It is very easy to reach all airports and seaports, İnternational transportation routes and communication networks as well as social and cultural life from the zone.