MESBAŞ | Mersin Serbest Bölge İşletici A. Ş.
Free Zone
• Mersin Free Zone • Mesbaş • Legislation (Free Zones Law) • Legislation (Regulations) • License to Operate • Operation License Application Procedure • Inverstor Tenant Choices Due Date • Activity Fields • İncentives & Benefits
Activities and Statistics
• Trade Volume and Statistics • Administrative Units • Social Facilities
• Tariff for Open and Closed Areas • Tariff and Fees • Tariff for Port Services • Tariff for Warehouse Services • Tariff for Other Services


Ministry of Economy General Directorate of Free Zones, Overseas Investment and Services
Governorship of Mersin
Mersin Chamber of Shipping
Mediterranean Exporters Union
Mersin Commodity Exchange
Mersin University
Mersin Free Zone Users Association
Municipality of Mersin
Mersin Ticaret Borsası
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