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The Free Zone users are provided and encouraged to take advantage of the seaways, airways, railways and land transportation services.

Land Transportation : Mersin Free zone is connected to Inland and European Countries and to Middle East and Turkic Republics with the land road E-5 highway. Goods could be easily transferred to East-West Europe, Middle-East Countries, Turkic Republics and Russian Federation.

Air - Transportation : The international Adana Şakirpaşa Airport situated 65 km away from the zone enables air links to all world countries

Sea Transportation : It is connected to all world ports with sea links due to its location adjacent to Mersin port with an approximately 13 million tons capacity as a stop for 40 regular shipping lines. The free zone can also trade with the connected countries through its own piers.

Railway Transportation : Goods can be easily transferred to East-West Europe, Middle East Countries by Turkish Republic State Railways (TCDD).

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